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Recommended Pubs and Restaurants in Belfast North

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There are a total of 20 premises in this area.

The Kitchen Bar
The Kitchen Bar 1 Victoria Square

The original, dating back some 150 years, was knocked down to facilitate the building of the new shopping centre. Gone at the same time was a piece of Belfast history and, as ever, the everyday folk had to find somewhere else to drink & chat. Taken over as part of a group, cask ale thrown out, then back in again. Still a favourite place for business lunchers but catering for a new generation of customers. Crowded and exuberant at night it has succumbed to the the quest for customers by the lure of loud music.


Bittles Bar
Bittles Bar 70 Upper Church Lane
028 9031 1088 (T)

John Bittles, another real character, still has the Irish Literary and old Belfast themes that are well loved and respected. Good food and a good range of beer, which includes a good choice of special local bottled beers and craft keg, plus a range of elite whiskeys. Always a good place for a beer and chat.



McHughs 29-31 Queens Square

A fascinating part of old Belfast history is in this area. This pub has been gutted and rebuilt. However, the original house, fireplace and street level have been discovered and listed so time and care has gone into the renovation. Also taken over was the next door property, once infamously known around the world as DuBarrys - a house of ill repute known by many a sailor around the globe (and quite a few young people strapped for cash!), this will be a must for visitors. It is a real pity that the collectibles have long since disappeared when DuBarrys shut down years ago.


Portside Bar
Portside Bar 1 Dargan Road

A very high roofed, small but sufficient premise set in the dockland/warehouse area of north Belfast close to the motorway. Serving meal all day and open early mid week for breakfast.


The Rotterdam
The Rotterdam 54 Pilot Street

One of the few remaining back street bars that had not raped by the superpub groups a couple of decades ago. Once used as a hold for prisoners prior to deportation to Australia. Almost claustrophobic inside, it hosted great music from traditional folk to blues. The tiled floor was a bit uneven.
Still standing but a demolition order meant it would become an apartment block - rumours of a 32 storey building!
End of an era!

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