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Gordon Fallis, Inishmacsaint Brewing Company Founder, said: "Our objective is to produce a range of unique hand crafted beers with an emphasis on quality and strong links with the local history and character of our Fermanagh base.

"I set up the microbrewery as another revenue stream to supplement earnings from our smallholding. While our existing ales and beers are popular in the local area, I saw the need to develop a unique product potentially with wider appeal. There are presently no examples of wheat beer or beer packaging formats commercially available in Northern Ireland. Wheat beer is a style of beer very popular in countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium."

"The Innovation Voucher has given me the opportunity to access advice and guidance from Loughry in areas such as recipe formulation, process control measures, manufacturing, packaging, dispensing methods and sensory evaluation of the finished products."

"My objective is to develop sales throughout Northern Ireland, into the rest of the UK and then to explore export options in the Republic of Ireland and perhaps further afield."

Now moved and known as Fermanagh Beer Company

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